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Welcome to the Satte
Awards 2025

SATTE Awards is a unique initiative intended to recognize industry stake holder from across the travel, tourism and hospitality industry along with National and State Tourism Boards (NTOs and STOs).
There are entrepreneurs & companies who continuously help explore breathtaking innovative products & solutions from the top players to start-ups. They need to be recognised & rewarded for their efforts, excellence & innovations. SATTE awards serves as a single platform for them to showcase the best of their excellence.

Key Feature

Award & Recognition Ceremony

Come And Join Us As We Celebrate This Year’s Annual Award Ceremony.

Insights by Industry Leaders

Thought Leadership Content May Include Research, Opinions, Predictions.

International Level Entertainment Acts

The Quality Of Your Event Entertainment Can Make Or Break Your Event.


When And How To Use The Content Network To Your Advertising Advantage.

Why to Nominate?


Winning an award can bring significant recognition and prestige to your work or organization. It's a way to acknowledge and celebrate your achievements in the hospitality, travel, or tourism industry.


SATTE India Awards can enhance your credibility and reputation. It serves as an independent validation of the quality and excellence of your products, services, or initiatives.

Marketing and Promotion

Awards provide excellent marketing and promotional opportunities. You can use your award win as a marketing tool to attract new customers, partners, or investors.


SATTE Awards often involves networking opportunities. You can connect with industry peers, experts, and potential collaborators on the Awards Night.

Industry Benchmark

It can serve as a benchmark for industry standards. By participating and winning, you can help set new standards for excellence.

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